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1Various stuff  Empty Various stuff on Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:43 pm

Hi! I have played on WAY too many darkrp servers. And i have been on way too many bad darkrp servers. whether it be everything is vip, or a bad community, or bad admins, or just no content. Don't worry, your server is good, I would just like te leave by some suggestions. What I have found after playing on so many darkrp servers is that having things to work toward makes the server incredibly fun. Like i have lots of money on your server, just nothing to spend it on. Besides unboxing. The funnest servers that i have played on include the following.
1. A leveling system. Servers that have a leveling system give a great sense of progression and is just outright fun. usually you level up from taking from printers, and then as you level up you can progressively buy better printers. And then when you reach the highest level (usually 100) you can buy an expensive prestige totem.
2. permanent perks. I'm not sure what the add on is called but there is an addon where there is a stand on the wall in which you can buy permanent perks from. the perks usually include faster running speed and higher jump height, etc, etc, and are very expensive.
3. Cars. I'm kind of neutral on this because they can be very annoying sometimes, but usually they are good.
4. Permanent weapons. Practically the same thing as permanent perks but usually more expensive and the guns usually have skins.
5. Organizations. Pretty much just gangs just more extensive and advanced.

Thanks for reading my shit, and i hope you add at least a couple of these. Your server would be 10 outta 10. Smile

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2Various stuff  Empty Yes! on Tue Feb 02, 2016 6:11 am

These are fantastic suggestions! Good job cheers

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