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Killerpk's Staff Application.

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1Killerpk's Staff Application. Empty Killerpk's Staff Application. on Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:11 pm

1. Steam Name/RP name + Steam ID: Killerpk STEAM_0:1:92981705

2. Something unique about you: Going into the army

3. Age:19

4. Previous Experience:I've been a staff member on a few darkrp servers, a militaryrp server, and Citywars.

5: What you can bring to Six God Gaming:Respect and Loyalty.

6. Have you read the rules? Yes

7. Have you read the Admin Policy? Yes

8. Do you have a microphone? Yes

9. What interests you about this position? Theirs times when their are no staff members available to deal with situations and users and V.I.P's can't deal with it.

10. What's most important to you in a new position? To be respectful and honest.

11. Have you been banned from Six God Gaming?, if so, why and for how long? No.

12. What country are you in? United States

13. What questions do you have for me? What are your plans for the server?

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