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Twizzy's Application

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1Twizzy's Application Empty Twizzy's Application on Thu Feb 11, 2016 7:22 pm

Steam/RP Name: Twizzy

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41865139


Something Interesting about you: Nothing really.

Previous Experience: Global admin on some servers until the admin shut it down due to funding. Trial modderator on another.

What you can bring to Six God Gaming: I can bring a more friendly and a less toxic playerbase.

Have you read the rules?: Yes

Have you read the Admin Policy: Yes

Do you have a microphone: Yes, and I use it often

What interests you about this position: I want to be staff due to my interest in helping people, help with anything that needs to be done, and bring a more positive enviroment.

What's most important to you in a new position: I believe everyone should have a great experience while they play, of course with those that want to ruin their experience, I wish to help remove those who would rather break rules and be negative to the community.

Have you been banned from Six God Gaming?, if so, why and for how long?: No I have not

What country are you in?: I live in the United States, East Coast.

What questions do you have for me?: None

Tell us anything else that you might think we would like to know about you here, last chance to make an impression: Due to my previous knowledge of using ULX and other applications, I know about how to use them. I am usually a fun, happy, and overall chill guy, I try my best to keep the people who ruin things out, and the people who do the right thing in

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