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TheG Staff Application

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1TheG Staff Application Empty TheG Staff Application on Wed Feb 24, 2016 9:17 pm

1. Steam Name/RP name + Steam ID: TheG STEAM_0:0:67155322

2. Something unique about you: I somtimes stream on Twitch
(500 Followers) playing random games. I play Lacrosse and Golf.I have a near maxed th11 in clash of clans.I am pretty patient

3. Age: 15

4. Previous Experience: Yes on Xeon (The server is gone now) on Epix Rp a very popular Dark rp server. Lastly on a Ice rp server

5: What you can bring to Six God Gaming: I can bring someone who will listen to both sides of the story in a sit.
I am a extremly active player so i will be on almost every day.I am a player that has read the motd unlike others.I have a staggering 919 Hours of Gmod with 90% of it being DarkRp.I have made a total of 22 million dollars in the SSG server within the time i have played.  

6. Have you read the rules? Yes i have read it mutiple times

7. Have you read the Admin Policy? Yes i have

8. Do you have a microphone? Yes and it is a Clear Mic

9. What interests you about this position? I play a ton and would love to keep the server clean while most admins are away since i tend to be on when there aren't any.I wan't to help the community continue to grow.

10. What's most important to you in a new position? To help anyone that is in need of a staff member.I feel like it is important to be patient and hear out anyone and everyone

11. Have you been banned from Six God Gaming?, if so, why and for how long? I have not been banned yet and I also
have 0 warns

12. What country are you in?
The U.S.A
13. What questions do you have for me?
14. Tell us anything else that you might think we would like to know about you here, last chance to make an impression: I am really happy to be apart of  the SSG comunity and hope to be apart of the team. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Thank You For Reading This Very Happy
Your Friend,

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