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Bryceb03's Staff Application

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1Bryceb03's Staff Application Empty Bryceb03's Staff Application on Wed Mar 09, 2016 9:49 pm

1. Steam Name/RP name + Steam ID: Bryceb03/STEAM_0:1:87640194 or 76561198135546117 (dont know which one you mean)
2. Something unique about you: I talk alot

3. Age: 13

4. Previous Experience: None

5: What you can bring to Six God Gaming: A person who can help protect the server from rule breakers and bad staff.

6. Have you read the rules? Yes

7. Have you read the Admin Policy? Yes

8. Do you have a microphone? Yes

9. What interests you about this position? I've always liked to be the one who gets to decide what happens and to fly around.

10. What's most important to you in a new position? Helping everyone who needs it and proteting the server

11. Have you been banned from Six God Gaming?, if so, why and for how long? No.
12. What country are you in? United States

13. What questions do you have for me? None

14. Tell us anything else that you might think we would like to know about you here, last chance to make an impression: I am nice and don't curse much. I also like to PvP and help other admins with stuff.

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