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1Donate Here! Empty Donate Here! on Tue Mar 15, 2016 9:58 am


Donation through PayPal:
Donation through CSGO Items:

All donations must be in USD or must be equivalent to the amount in USD. (ex: $15 CAD = $10 USD)

All donations are NON REFUNDABLE unless under certain circumstances and is required by law.

Since it is to our Inconvenience to sell CSGO items, if you donate in them, you will have to pay 1.5x the normal price. For example, VIP is $15, so to donate in CSGO items it is $22.5.

Ranks to donate for:
VIP ($15 in PayPal, $22.5 in CSGO Items)
Custom Job ($30 in PayPal, $45 in CSGO Items)
Extra Weapons for Custom Job ($5 in Paypal, $7 in CSGO Items)
VIP Benefits:
!votekick (only usable when no staff online)
Extra jobs (Such as John Cena, Octodad, and Arsonist!)
Keys and Crates! ($5 per 10 keys/crates)

Custom Job Requirements/Rules:
Custom Jobs get two weapons that must be approved by x2lift
You can choose between a raiding/non-raiding job.
Raiding jobs receive a lock pick and an un-arrest baton

Any questions? Contact Uzi or x2lift on Steam.

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