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Vero's Application For Staff ͡(° ͜ʖ ͡°) XD

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-STEAM NAME: Vero steamcommunity/id/VeroTheMLGPro

-Facts about me: I like soccer football, hockey, and video --games i'm also Portuguese.


-Prev Experience: Staff on military RP server about a year ago

-What can i bring to the server: I am a nice and easy going person and a great person to talk too Smile i will follow all staff rules and do everything in my power to stop the rule breakers in the server.

-Have you read the rules: Yes (Who dosen't)

-Have i read the admin policy: Si Senor

-Do i have a mic: Yes

-Why i want to become staff: I love this server and i want to make the server as fun and enjoyable for everyone else and i find that it is a great way of meeting new people

-Whats important for me to do in this position: I Vow that i will listen to my higher ups (Uzi papa panini x2) and follow the directions they give me.

-Have you been banned from SGG: Never

-tell us more info about me: I try to be on everyday that i can and im probably the dankest kid you will ever meet i hope that you will accept such a dank kid to become staff on this wonderful server thank you <3

-vero Smile

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+support +1 Dank meme

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biggest cancer cell ever +support Wink

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for got to +1 it lEl

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pretty cool guy, i think i already did this, but anyways +support
you did +support dumb numb eyy

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